What does Third-Party Certified Organic really mean?

To be THIRD-PARTY CERTIFIED organic is dramatically different than “made with organic ingredients”. Anybody can say that a product contains organic ingredients, but who’s checking? In addition to this, where is our guarantee that the ingredients listed as organic truly are?

As with the food industry, only if a product is THIRD-PARTY CERTIFIED does it give the buyer a guarantee that all of the ingredients come from an organic source. Certified organic products must pass stringent quality-testing and standards. Certifying bodies such as the French certification agency Nature et Progrès, are helping to set and maintain stringent quality standards in the highly unregulated skin care and cosmetic industries.

Nature et Progrès ensures that no synthetic chemicals are used at any stage of the production chain - from growing, harvesting, and processing all the way through to the final ready-for-market product. No chemically processed ingredients are permitted to be used in the products, and all of our products must pass stringent environmental standard and quality inspections to ensure that we continue to meet the Certified Organic guidelines set by Nature et Progrès.

Nature et Progrès also works to ensure that all organic agriculture used as a source of ingredients respects the animals, plants and people of this planet. This includes a commitment to use ingredients grown by small rural farmers, thereby preserving and sustaining the traditions and livelihoods of the region.

THIRD-PARTY CERTIFIED ORGANIC by Nature et Progrès means:

Authenticity and integrity of organic and natural claims.

Independent third-party guarantee of quality, and purity of ingredients.

Safe, clean and potent plant extracts of high vitality.

Sustainable agriculture that respects, supports and nurtures the complete ecology and energy of our planet.

Prevention of damage to the environment and humans by the poisonous chemicals used in conventional agriculture.

Many products on the market today claim to be "natural" and "organic", and yet contain many harmful chemicals. The only way to be certain that you are purchasing a truly all natural, organic and ethical product, is if it is certified organic by an accredited agency such as Nature et Progrès. The ONLY way to know whether a product is truly CERTIFIED ORGANIC is to LOOK FOR THE LOGO!

Who is Nature et Progrès?

Nature et Progrès is an international French professional association (or federation) which brings together agricultural growers, cosmetic manufacturers and consumers.

Nature et Progrès has developed very high standards and strict comprehensive guidelines monitored and regulated by a third-party accredited and independent organic certification agency, Visagro-Certipaq. This neutral control body ensures that Nature et Progrès’ stringent regulations are complied with. Compliance, respect and rigorous adherence to the very strict guidelines and standards set by Nature et Progrès allows the manufacturer the right to display Nature et Progrès’ certified organic label. This label is used to indicate that all of Nature et Progrès’ criteria have been complied with. Nature et Progrès’ label was originally created to certify organic food products and was extended to cosmetics in 1998.

Of all of Europe’s Organic Certification agencies, Nature et Progrès is the most restrictive and the most transparent in its requirements:

•100% of all vegetable (botanical) ingredients must be of certified organic origin.

•Every ingredient must be natural and of natural origin, and of these they must be certified organic where possible.

• No animal testing of any kind.

Prohibited ingredients include:

• synthetic dyes

• synthetic preservatives (parabens)

• synthetic fragrances

• synthetic antioxidants

• synthetic emollients

• synthetic oils and fats

• synthetic polymers

• silicones

• paraffin

• all ingredients issued by the petrochemical industry

What percentage of the formulas are organic?

As is required by Nature et Progrès, 100% of our botanical ingredients are certified organic, and every ingredient that can be of certified organic origin, is. Therefore, all of our products utilize a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients, with the remaining 0 to 5% being of organic source but sufficiently modified as to not be certifiable as organic (e.g.. europea-steryl-ester an organic olive fruit fatty ester - similar to an alcohol - used as an emulsifier to combine oil with water).

Do we test on animals?

NO, NEVER. We love animals and are passionately against animal testing. All of our products are certified Cruelty Free by the French agency One Voice. One Voice is the French representative of the European organization EAR - Europe for Animal Rights. These organizations seek to ensure the end of animal cruelty, testing and experimentation of all kinds - something that we feel very passionately about.

Are Bioéthique’s products dermatologically tested?

YES. Every one of our products is dermatologically tested on humans as non-irritant. We have run all necessary tests to anticipate potential allergies (clinical tests under the supervision of dermatologists). We certify that all the products are safe for cosmetic use in normal conditions.

Are Bioéthique’s products safe for everyone?

YES. Because Bioéthiques products are 100% NATURAL, 100%VEGAN, dermatologically tested and are only scented by their natural ingredients, they are suitable for all members of the family. Our products are also suitable for those with chemical sensitivities or those with health concerns who are seeking to use only pure and natural products without chemical additives.

How long will Bioéthique’s products last?

All of the Bioéthique products have a shelf-life of 18 months from the date of fabrication, and six months after opening (all products are date stamped on the bottom of each bottle). These products are very fresh and should be used after opening, not stored on a shelf and forgotten! Ideally our products should be kept in a cool place, and should never be left in direct sunlight (such as a window sill). Shelf-life can be further extended if the products are stored in the refrigerator.

How are Bioéthique’s products preserved?

Bioéthique’s laboratory adheres to the strictest standards of sterility to avoid any possible contamination of our products. The potent natural antimicrobial properties of the essential oils and some of the plant extracts serve to preserve the products from decay. In addition, all of our packaging is made from recyclable opaque glass and aluminum which preserve and protect the vulnerable live ingredients from light and degradation, thereby maximizing product effectiveness and shelf life.

Why Aluminum Packaging?

In Europe, light-tight aluminum bottles are the preferred packaging for the preservation of essential oils, and this extends to natural cosmetics with vulnerable active ingredients and first-cold pressed extra virgin oils, like ours. Our brushed aluminum cosmetic bottles are coated internally with a safe and inert food-grade coating to keep the bottles from reacting with their contents. Aluminum bottles are opaque, and completely shield their contents from light and harmful UV rays.

Although plastic bottles are a less expensive alternative, they can leach harmful chemicals into cosmetics and are damaging to the environment to manufacture. Instead we use the greenest possible glass and aluminum bottles with a high post consumer recycled content and which are completely recyclable. All of our bottles are manufactured in Europe. They are also non magnetic, they don't break, and they don't rust, and the fact that they’re lighter means that they save on fuel.

Why are there so few ingredients?

At Bioéthique we believe that less is more. The reason our products are so effective is that the primary active ingredient in each product is carefully selected for its targeted action, and then used in a high concentration. Each of these botanical extracts is created using our unique bio-extraction method and, as a result, contain the highest amount of potent antioxidants and active properties possible. This not only ensures that enough of the selected ingredient is present in the product to “do its job”, but also ensures that the active ingredients do not neutralize one another (or conflict with one another), as can happen when a product contains too many active ingredients.

Are we really as green as we say we are?

At Bioéthique we believe in supporting the environment in every way possible. We feel that all companies should try to run their businesses by implementing environmental harm-reduction policies and the highest standards of sustainability possible. We are passionate about achieving this goal and believe in leading by example. To that end our laboratory uses exclusively green and sustainable energy. We only use ingredients that are certified organically grown, and we believe in the importance of buying our botanicals from small, local and sustainable farms.

All of our ingredients are biodegradable. Our packaging is made from recyclable glass and aluminum, and all of our shipping boxes and printed materials are either 100% post-consumer paper, or very close to it (this entire manual is printed on FSC-certified 100% post consumer paper manufactured with renewable, non-polluting wind-generated electricity).

We believe that running a business doesn’t have to mean harming the planet, and we will continue to strive to occupy the smallest footprint possible, while promoting positive environmental change.