Claudine Michaud founder and creator of Bioéthique Certified Organic, has spent more than two decades in pursuit of healthy living. When her best friend was struck with cancer more than thirteen years ago, Claudine began a course of study into healthy modes of living and discovered the critical importance of avoiding harmful toxins in oneʼs daily environment.

With a deep conviction that beautiful skin and hair should not come at the price of good health, Claudine applied her years of research into creating the line of third party certified organic skin and hair care Bioéthique Certified Organic.

Following a long historical tradition of making beautiful creams and lotions out of natural, therapeutic and regenerative plant extracts, Claudine followed her heart to her childhood retreat Provence, France. After spending several years visiting small villages in Provence and Haute Provence, and researching local artisanal traditions, Claudine was able to rediscover the old traditional ways of making the most beautiful and pure botanical based skin care.

Using only locally harvested botanicals from small rural farms and wild harvested in the hills of Haute-Provence, Claudine spent several years formulating and creating Bioéthique from the highest quality organic fresh plant extracts and first cold press oils, a process which she then guaranteed through achieving Nature et Progrèsʼ rigorous third-party organic certification.

Live ethically. Be beautiful.