Our Story

Based in Vancouver, Canada, CVM Organics Ltd. spent four years developing the Bioéthique Certified Organic line in collaboration with our sister company in Provence, France, where all of our products are made. We are a family owned and operated company made up of individuals with a strong belief that personal ethics and ideals should not, and do not, conflict with operating a healthy business.

Our Commitment to the Environment

At Bioéthique we believe in supporting the environment in every way possible. We feel that all companies should try to run their businesses by implementing environmental harm-reduction policies and the highest standards of sustainability possible.

We are passionate about achieving this goal and believe in leading by example. To that end our laboratory uses exclusively green and sustainable wind energy. We only use ingredients that are of certified organically grown origin and ethically sourced, and we believe in the importance of buying our botanicals from small, local and sustainable farms.

All of our ingredients are biodegradable. Our packaging is made from recyclable glass and aluminum, and all of our shipping boxes and printed materials are either 100% post-consumer paper, or very close to it.

We believe that running a business doesn't have to mean harming the planet, and we will continue to strive to occupy the smallest footprint possible, while promoting positive environmental change.

Our Commitment to You

All of our products are carefully crafted in Provence, France, using only the highest quality ingredients, and are free of synthetics of any kind.

Our botanicals are derived from 100% certified organic plants, selected and cultivated far from any sources of pollution and harvested at the moment of optimal plant potency by farmers who follow and maintain the rich rural traditions of the region.

Each of our botanical extracts is derived through a specialized bio-extraction method, resulting in the highest amount of potent antioxidants possible while carefully protecting their active properties.

This technology allows us to employ much higher concentrations of each selected botanical ingredient, thereby resulting in a product that is pure, simple, and highly effective.

• All of our products utilize a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients and 100% of our botanical ingredients are certified organic.

• All of our products are 100% natural.

• All of our products and manufacturing processes are Certified Organic by Nature et Progrès, Europe's strictest certification agency.

• Our unique bio-extraction method results in botanical extracts which contain the highest amount of potent antioxidants and active properties possible.

• All water used in our products is mineral, vitamin and trace element-rich spring water from high in the Alps of Haute Provence.

• No artificial colors, fragrances, synthetic ingredients or waxes are used in our products.

• Our products are not tested on animals, nor do we use any animal-derived ingredients.

• All of our products are suitable for vegans.

• All of our packaging is made from recyclable opaque glass and aluminum which preserve and protect the vulnerable live ingredients from light and degradation.

• All Bioéthique products are dermatologically tested.

Live ethically. Be beautiful.