When I first started using Bioethique “Certified Organic” creams, I noticed (after only a few days) I could not use NON-organic body creams on my body anymore. It was like, after being introduced to ORGANIC, my body refused to have anything else! My body was saying, “Forget about it! You’re NOT putting that old stuff on me anymore! No way!” I was surprised, but I got the message. Organic ONLY from now on for my body!

I used Bioethique Certified Organic hand cream for about two weeks, when someone touching my hand said, “Oh my gawd, your hands are so soft!” When do you ever get compliments on how soft your hands are? I mean, especially at this age! I’m 55 years old! That’s what Certified Organic skin care products do. The skin lotions just disappear. You put them on and they completely soak in and moisturize. They’re not greasy. There’s no film.

These Bioethique skin care products are made totally in France, with the best of the best ingredients, ALL green, ALL Certified Organic! I’m so impressed with Bioethique Certified Organic skin care products that I’m now carrying them in my salon, Facial Fitness Vancouver. These products are fabulous!

-Gisele Rasmusen

The Best skin care line i have ever used. This whole line is the most amazing line, everyone has asked me if i have been on vacations as i look so rested young and healthy.

- Jodi

In love with this Scrub! The finely ground almond nut feels amazing on my skin! After trying so many scrubs that feels like I'm scratching and tearing away at my skin, I'm so so over the moon I tried this scrub! The almonds as an exfoliant is AMAZING! And YES, it does leave my skin radiant!

- Anonymous Bioethique Fan

I LOVE Bioethique….. It's a lovely feeling to know that what I'm putting on my skin is totally safe, natural, and made with such care and integrity. Check out their website.

- Samantha Parton, musician, "The Be Good Tanyas"

The incredible difference Bioéthique Certified Organic skin care made with our skin is simply amazing. We get so excited when we try new vegan beauty products, but this line of skin care truly raises the bar. I started with the Cleansing Milk, Antioxidant Serum and Night Cream - and my skin tone and texture changed overnight. Velvety smooth and sublimely clean. The morning after I tried out their nighttime regimen, my skin felt more toned, even and flawlessy smooth.

- Si Si Penaloza, Editorial Director of WOMAN.ca.

Editor’s Choice for Skincare: Bioethique Certified Organic Antioxidant Serum: When one has difficult skin with allergy and psoriasis in the picture, it is not easy to try something new: you stick with what works. Bioethique Antioxidant Serum became my absolute favorite skin care item! About 7 days into using it my skin evened out, blemishes and red spots went away and most importantly, daily shine disappeared completely. My makeup actually sits well throughout the day and I do not look like a shiny mirror. Needless to say, it’s a huge convenience and confidence boost.

- Olena Eaton Fashion.Maga-Zine.com Chief Editor

Head-to-toe list of our favorites….Bioéthique Certified Organic Cleansing Milk… What we can tell you is that washing our faces with this cleanser in the morning means not needing to use moisturizer afterward, minimizing face shine and greasy looking makeup.  In addition to its great smell and minimalistic packaging, this cleanser leaves skin glowing, refreshed and gorgeous!

- Green is Sexy

It didn’t take long,  I noticed a difference in my skin right away. My cheeks in particular felt so smooth and silky. The products weren’t heavy, they were light, effective, absorbed quickly.

- Michelle Hamor

Bioéthique, is one of the first lines that has left me feeling clean and moisturized without that ugh waxy feel that is usually left behind….. These products are delicious smelling, with subtle fragrances of orange, and rose and other essential plant oils. They are fresh, and work best that way. They leave my skin feeling great, and my body smelling delicious.Of course, only time will tell, but if I'm smiling because my skin feels so good, then how can this be a bad thing?

– Robin

I can’t say how many different brands I have been through. Come to find out, most of the products I used ended up having a certain level of toxins in them anyway, even though they claimed not to. Bioéthique is the only line that I could find that has zero toxins. It is 100% pure. When I was first pregnant I ordered their facial wash, day cream and their eye cream. The stuff is wonderful. I am hooke…..The Regenerating Scrub is fabulous. I used it after I washed my face with their Cleansing Milk and my skin felt so tight and fresh afterward. It is not too harsh and did not leave me red or feeling itchy, which tends to be an issue with my skin.I am so thrilled to have found this line of products.

- Amie Simmons

This is the best skin care line...EVER. Thank you for creating it.

- Melanie Sharpe

I use all the products! I started with the day cream, loved it, then added the night cream to my daily ritual. Now I also use the cleansing milk. eye cream and facial mask. I find all the products go on smoothly without being thick and oily.

- Wendy G.