Third Party Organic Certification

Bioéthique Certified Organic product range is third-party certified and monitored by the European agency Nature et Progrès. This agency sets and maintains strict quality and environmental standards, ensuring that no synthetic chemicals are used at any stage of the production chain - from growing, harvesting, and processing all the way through to the final ready-for market product.

No chemically processed ingredients are permitted to be used in the products, and all of our products must pass stringent environmental standard and quality inspections to ensure that we continue to meet the Certified Organic guidelines set by Nature et Progrès.

As is required by Nature et Progrès, 100% of our botanical ingredients are certified organic, and every ingredient that can be of certified organic origin, is. Therefore, all of our products utilize a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients, and are 100% natural.

Nature et Progrès also works to ensure that all organic agriculture used as a source of ingredients respects the animals, plants and people of this planet. This includes a commitment to use ingredients grown by small rural farmers, thereby preserving and sustaining the traditions and livelihoods of the region.

Many products on the market today claim to be "natural" and "organic", and yet contain many harmful chemicals. The only way to be certain that you are purchasing a truly all natural, organic and ethical product, is if it is certified organic by an accredited agency such as Nature et Progrès.